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5 Reasons why your church should hire a Virtual Assistant

No matter the size of the church, administrative and day to day operational tasks take up a lot of pastors, leaders, and church staff time, often taking them away from other areas of ministry that need their attention. Other challenges such as budgets mean that they are required to do more with less. A virtual assistant can provide quality administrative support, just like that which is provided by a traditional onsite employee.

1. Virtual church assistance is cost effective and efficient, saving time and money.
You only pay for what you use! A virtual Assistant can be retained for specific tasks, specific hours or a specific length of time. All of which is decided by you. They are solely responsible for their own taxes and benefits. They work remotely and provide their own equipment and supplies. There is no add on cost to you as an employer.

2. A Virtual Assistant is highly skilled and can cater to your needs in the ministry by doing specific tasks.
One of the best reasons to hire virtual assistants for the church is to get someone specifically for the tasks you need. Need someone to manage social media? Hire an assistant that’s an expert in that area. Want someone to handle the secretarial and administrative tasks? Hire someone who’s more skilled in that area.

3. Leaders are overwhelmed
It’s not unusual for Church leaders to feel overwhelmed. Virtual Assistants take some of the pressure off of overwhelmed pastors. They handle those tedious tasks that help give pastors back valuable hours back every week to focus on the things they are called to do.

4. Dedicated Support, with experienced virtual church assistance
No matter how good your Church volunteers are, they are busy people and are not always available when needed. Virtual Assistants are available at the times agreed and are able to give you the dedicated support required.

5. Put the focus back on Church
Hiring a Virtual Assistant who has the skills to do the job faster and more efficiently leaves the Church Leaders to focus on the bigger picture for the church and its members. 

If you need any help with Church administration and management either virtually or in person, please get in touch.