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New term, new routine.

13th September 2021

 As we enter September, children are back at school, workplaces are reopening and life is becoming busier. After 16 months of everyone being at home, we are suddenly needing to create yet another new normal, another routine.

Here are my top tips:-

Plan Ahead: Get a Planner!

Personally, I find it really helpful to use a planner that enables me to plan months, weeks and days, but there are many types of planners available, just find the one that works for you.

Once you have chosen your planner, add in the non- negotiables, whether that be school runs, dog walks or regular appointments. This will give you a starting framework.

From there, add in your working hours and any regular work commitments.

It is also very important to build in time for yourself. This should not be an afterthought and don’t feel guilty! Taking time for yourself is good for your wellbeing and improves productivity. This could be something as simple as a short walk or a coffee or something more specific like a gym class.

Colour Coding

Whether you use a paper or online planner, colour coding can help to differentiate between personal and work tasks or even clients. In addition, prioritising tasks by colour can also help you to ensure that the most urgent tasks get completed first.

Write it down!

Who doesn’t love a list! Using your planner to create a daily/weekly task list helps to unclutter your mind, ensure that the jobs get done and nothing it forgotten. There is a great sense of achievement when you cross a task off the list. I have been known to add a task to a list just so I can cross it off!

Set deadlines.

Set ongoing deadlines: for example, if you’re expected to finish a project after 2 weeks, then set another deadline for another task right after it. This will make you avoid procrastination while working.

Divide the task

Sometimes a number of small tasks can be better than one large task. If you are feeling overwhelmed by a task and worried about the deadline you have set yourself, you can split your task into mini-tasks to encourage yourself to finish.

Declutter your workspace.

A clean and tidy workspace helps to keep you focussed and on task. It also minimises time wasting and reduces stress.

Being able to find everything and to work through tasks methodically minimises time wasting and reduces stress. It is also proven that having plants around increases productivity.

Don’t be afraid to say No!

One thing we are all guilty of is over committing ourselves. This is why planning ahead is so important, as being able to see a month/week at a glance enables us to see what other commitments we have. It is always easier to say no if there is something already in the diary.

Hopefully you will find these tips helpful as you begin to get back into a routine. However, if after reading this, it all still sounds too daunting and you would like some help, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would be very happy to chat through how we can help you achieve a better routine and a better work/life balance.