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Success Stories

Business Support

We supply regular support to Lisa, a Pilates  Instructor who, due to covid-19, overnight had to change her business model from teaching classes in person to teaching online. Being part of the project from the beginning meant that we were able to support Lisa in the setting up of processes, website content and general administration.   A year on, and we are still working together.   We provide regular business support in the way of website management, digital marketing and virtual assistant services allowing Lisa to do what she does best - teach Pilates.

Data Entry 

We were recently contacted by a private secondary school, who had made the decision to transfer their Single Central Register information from the excel document it was currently held in to a new cloud based package called Sentry. Realising they were not able to release any existing resource to make this happen, they approached TV Office Management for help.  We, of course, were delighted to help and were given access to both the package and the SCR.   Liaising with the schools HR manager, we set up Sentry in the way the school wanted, adding specific checks, deadline dates and manipulated the data which allowed us to upload and create a profile for every member of the school community.  With all this done, sentry was ready for the individual data for each person to be checked and methodically added.  Regular meetings with the HR Manager were held throughout the project to ensure that the correct process was being followed. On completing the project, training was given to the HR team and the school now has a much more secure, streamlined and efficient process for their Single Central Register. 

Operational Restructure

TV Office Management were approached by a Baptist Church, who were in the process of reviewing their administration structure and processes. Wanting an unbiased opinion, we were invited into the process. Following time spent with the leadership team, both as a group and as individuals, where we discussed the current processes and potential improvements, we produced a report of our findings and recommendations. This was presented to the wider leadership team for consideration and review.  Subsequently all of the recommendations were adopted. This has resulted in the church operating more efficiently, improvement in team morale and a better use of resources. 


Video Editi‚Äčng

We have worked on a number of short term projects with Adam, a CEO of a software company. One day he called and asked "Have you ever done any video editing?"  He was up against it and needed some extra help to meet a deadline.  When we replied, "no", he said "not to worry, I will send you a instruction video and once you have watched it, could you please edit these 25 files asap?"  Priding ourselves on being flexible and willing to turn our hand to anything to help our clients, we watched the video!  

We are delighted to say that we completed this task within the time required and Adam met his deadline. 

We hope these success stories show that we are able to offer support in a wide range of areas, So if you need help with your business, please get in touch, we would love to discuss your needs and how we can help. 

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